April Legislative Council meeting agenda, proposals and information

On April 21, the Legislative Council will meet in Aurora. Below is information about the meeting, including links to the agenda and proposals that will be considered.

Where: Radisson Denver Southeast (3155 S. Vaughn Way, Aurora)


Meeting info


Thursday, April 21, 2016

  • 7:45-8:30 a.m. - Continental Breakfast
  • 8:30 a.m. - Meeting Convenes (Arapahoe/Douglas)
  • 10 a.m. - Coffee/Tea/Soft Drink Break
  • 11:45 a.m. - Lunch
  • 1 p.m. - Meeting Reconvenes

Action Items

Note: Constitutional Proposals require 2/3 vote for approval; Administrative and Sport Proposals requires majority vote for approval, unless otherwise noted.

ADM 1 Accurate Information (Transfer) (Board of Directors)
ADM 2 Transfer (requires 60%) (5A CSML)
S-1 Practice at State Facilities (Board of Directors)
S-2 Pitching Rules (Pitch Counts) – Baseball (Board of Directors)
S-3 Equipment Dates – Football – Effective Immediately (Board of Directors)

Action items — Committee reports

Note: Require majority vote for approval, unless otherwise noted. Some committees reported at the January meeting. Those are noted.

Committee Reports
ADM-1 Budget/Property Administration (final reading) (Jeff Durbin)
ADM-2 Classification and League Organizing Committee January
ADM-2a (Req. 2/3 approval) Heritage remain in 5A (Continental)
ADM-2b (Req. 2/3 approval) Loveland play down to 4A (Northern)
ADM-2c (Req. 2/3 approval) Alameda to stay in 4A (Jeffco)
ADM-3 Coaching Education Registration Advisory (CERAC) January
ADM-4 Equity (Eddie Hartnett)
ADM-5 Officials' fees January
ADM-5a (Req. 2/3 approval) Officials Fees - Wrestling section (EMAC)
ADM-6 Sportsmanship (Carl Lindauer)
ADM-7 Tournament and Playoff Finance (Karen Higel)
ACT-1 Music (Bethany Brookens)
ACT-2 Speech (Christine Jones)
ACT-3 Student Leadership January
S-1 Baseball January
S-2 Basketball (Paul Cain)
S-2a 4A/5A state tournaments (Front Range)
S-2b 2A regional basketball (Lower Platte)
S-3 Cross Country January
S-4 Field Hockey January
S-5 Football January
S-6 Golf January
S-7 Gymnastics January
S-8 Ice Hockey (Chad Broer)
S-9 Lacrosse (Boys: Mark Kanagy)
(Girls: Carol Degenhart)
S-10 Skiing (Amy Raymond)
S-11 Soccer January
S-12 Softball January
S-13 Spirit (Diane Shuck)
S-14 Swimming (Sharon Lauer)
S-15 Tennis January
S-16 Track and Field (Darryl Abeyta)
S-17 Volleyball January
S-18 Wrestling (Ernie Derrera)