With pitch-count rule looming, CHSAA releases video on the overuse of arms in youth baseball

AURORA — The pioneering rule which will put high school pitchers in Colorado on a pitch count goes into effect this coming spring. And, as part of an on-going effort to boost education around the overuse of arms, CHSAA released a video on Friday that delves into the topic:

The pitch-count limitations are detailed below, along with the requirements that accompany them:

Pitches Required Rest
86-110 3 Days
61-85 2 Days
36-60 1 Day
1-35 0 Days*
Junior Varsity
Pitches Required Rest
61-85 3 Days
36-60 2 Days
26-35 1 Day
1-25 0 Days^

* - Additionally, no pitcher may throw more than 60 pitches over two days. If they throw 60 pitches in two days, there will be one day of required rest.

^ - No sub-varsity pitcher can throw more than 35 pitches over two days. That limit will result in one day of mandated rest.

A pitcher will be allowed to finish a batter if they hit the limit (110 in varsity play; 85 in sub-varsity) during an at-bat, but must exit the game after the hitter.