Broomfield coach Jim Davidson wins 300th boys soccer game

Broomfield Boulder boys soccer

Broomfield soccer coach Jim Davidson. (Kai Casey/

Longtime Broomfield coach Jim Davidson won his 300th career boys soccer game on Monday, a 1-0 win against Rocky Mountain.

Davidson, now in his 19th season, has amassed a career record of 300-36-23 in coaching the boys. He started in 1997, and included in his tenure are five state championships, and another two state title appearances.

True to his humble nature, Davidson didn't tell his players about the milestone before the game. They only found out when an assistant coach put it on Twitter after the win.

"This kind of thing, it's a touch embarrassing, I suppose," Davidson said. "We really tried to keep it quiet from the boys, because we wanted them to focus on playing and playing well and not worry about anything like that.

"We're kind of at that really critical part of the season," he continued. "We're focused on trying to do well and enjoying each other and not worrying about me at all."

Still, after the game, Davidson did take time to reflect on the success of the program.

"It's funny how these things are a little bit nostalgic, thinking about all the time and effort that we've put in," said Davidson, who is also an English teacher at Broomfield. "I've been able to surround myself with really great people, and the kids are just fantastic. So I was thinking a lot about memories of players and coaches and the friendships I've been able to form over the years. That's really where it was at last night, just the relationships I've been able to build."

Davidson's boys are the defending Class 5A champions, and are currently ranked No. 1 in's poll.

He is quick to deflect credit for the milestone their way.

"I've never touched a ball on the field. I've never played the match," Davidson said. "So I think, really, the ownership of the wins (belongs to) the kids. I think it's just up to me to, hopefully, really work hard on the culture and just trying to do everything I can in my power for kids to be successful, not only in soccer, but hopefully in life as well."

Throughout his time at Broomfield, the boys program has had an astounding run of success. The 300 wins is one reflection of that. Another? The boys have made 16 semifinal appearances in Davidson's time.

"We've had a pretty good run of it," Davidson said. "It's interesting because I think sometimes you're kind of measured with those state championship victories, but it's really that semifinals statistic that I'm pretty proud of."

Broomfield Boulder girls soccer

Jim Davidson, coaching Broomfield's girls last spring. (Kai Casey/

Here's the crazy thing, though: Davidson also coaches the school's highly-successful girls program, and is 254-34-12 as their coach. He will begin his 17th season with the girls this spring.

The Eagles' girls team has won one championship under Davidson, and has reached a title game each of the past three seasons, going to the 4A game in 2013 and 2014, and finishing as runner-up in 5A in 2015.

"It's a lot of fun. I would say that they're actually pretty similar," Davidson said. "We've been fortunate enough over the last few years to get that girls program on the same level as the boys. It wasn't always that way. And that's been fun to be a part of two really competitive programs.

"I think what's even more fun is that the kids on both teams get along really, really well. Even though they're separate, they're not mutually exclusive and I think that the girls are as big a part of creating a soccer culture as the boys are."

Davidson's program had an all-time moment during the 2005-06 school year, when the boys won the 4A title in the fall, and the girls won it in the spring.

"I'm blessed here at Broomfield," he said. "We have such a great community of parents and players. I'm just really fortunate to work where I do."