Aguilar wins first football game since 2005, ending 30-game streak

Aguilar football won a football game for the first time in a decade on Friday, ending a 30-game losing streak in the process.

The Wildcats, a 6-man program which last won a game on Sept. 9, 2005, beat Antonito 25-6 to improve to 1-2 this season.

"The feeling was — there are no words that can express the feelings for us and the kids right now," first-year Aguilar coach Joseph Porras said on Friday evening. "Those boys worked their butts off. They deserved it. It's long overdue."

Aguilar didn't field a team from 2007-09, nor in 2011-13, so that accounts for their relative lack of games since 2005. The team went 2-5 in 2005, losing the final five games, then 0-8 in 2006, 0-8 in 2010, 0-7 last season, and lost its first two this year.

"We were aware of (the losing streak), but we were trying to keep the past in the past and trying to go forward into the future," Porras said.

After the final whistle on Friday night, though, "It changed," Porras said. "And it felt good."

Aguilar has eight players on its roster, so it makes practices a little tough.

"It's tough. It really is," Porras said. "We can do our offense with the kids, and then we've got two defenders. When I put them in to defense, I don't have anybody to run offense. So it is, it's tough. These kids, like I said, they've been working hard since August."

Ten years later, Aguilar has another W.

"It has been emotional all day, for the kids, for me," Porras said. "It's been something spectacular. Like I said, it's been long overdue. It's been 10 years.

"This is all about the kids," the coach added. "And that's why I'm here. It's not for me, it's not for anybody else. It's for the boys. It's for the school.

"They won't forget it," he continued. "And they deserve it because they did it themselves. I only gave them the direction."