All-state boys track & field teams for 2015 season

State track Jeffco Stadium

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The 2015 all-state boys track and field teams are presented by, and MaxPreps.

These teams were created based upon results at the state meet.

Athletes of the year were selected based upon the number of team points they produced at the state meet. This means that they received the full amount of team points from individual events they participated in, as well as one-fourth of the total points earned by the team in relays they participated in.

Finally, in order to be considered for athlete of the year, they must first have made the all-state team by winning in a championship.

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Class 5A

Athlete of the year: Tevin Donnell, Fountain-Fort Carson
Coach of the year: Ben Montoya, Fountain-Fort Carson

First Team
Name Year School Event(s)
Andrew Barlow Senior Monarch Pole Vault
Daniel Book Senior Cherry Creek 4x800 relay
Adrian Brukner Senior Rampart Discus
Patrick Byerly Senior Mountain Range Shot Put
Tevin Donnell Senior Fountain-Fort Carson 100 meters, 200 meters, 4x100 relay, 4x200 relay
Isaac Green Sophomore Monarch 1600 meters
Dan Hamson Sophomore Cherry Creek 4x800 relay
Drue Harris Senior Fountain-Fort Carson 4x200 relay
Marcelo Laguera Senior Pomona 3200 meters
Christopher Linnin Senior Castle View Triple Jump
Christian Lyon Junior Fountain-Fort Carson 4x100 relay, 4x200 relay
Duane McClurkin Senior Fountain-Fort Carson 4x400 relay
Kyle Moran Sophomore Cherry Creek 4x800 relay
Trevor Rex Senior Highlands Ranch High Jump
Juan Sabino Senior Fountain-Fort Carson 4x400 relay
Triston Sisneros Senior Grandview 300 hurdles
Braden Smith Junior Lakewood Long Jump
Jordan Smith Senior Fountain-Fort Carson 4x100 relay, 4x200 relay, 4x400 relay
Benjamin Thomas Senior Fountain-Fort Carson 4x400 relay
Charles Tigner Senior Fountain-Fort Carson 4x100 relay
Konor von Kraut Senior Cherry Creek 4x800 relay
Mike Ware Senior Gateway 400 meters
Joshua Wright Senior Overland 110 hurdles
Blake Yount Senior Smoky Hill 800 meters

Class 4A

Athlete of the year: Caleb Ojennes, Palmer Ridge
Coach of the year: Kelly Christensen, Palmer Ridge

First Team
Name Year School Event(s)
Conlan Berger Junior Longmont 4x100 relay
Austin Brant Senior Canon City Discus
Trevor Cook Junior Longmont 4x100 relay
Hayden Erickson Senior Woodland Park Shot Put
Gianni Espinoza Junior Longmont 4x100 relay
James Espinoza Sophomore Palmer Ridge 4x800 relay
Logan Goodner Junior Longmont 4x100 relay
Eric Hamer Senior Palmer Ridge 3200 meters, 4x800 relay
Vince Hood Sophomore Valor Christian 4x200 relay
James Jones Senior Mullen Long Jump
Logan Malone Senior Palmer Ridge 4x400 relay
William Mayhew Senior Cheyenne Mountain 800 meters, 1600 meters
Noah McGhee Sophomore Littleton 100 meters
Caleb Ojennes Junior Palmer Ridge 200 meters, 400 meters, 4x400 relay
Brandon Pappas Sophomore Palmer Ridge 4x400 relay, 4x800 relay
Anthony Peters Junior Vista Ridge Triple Jump
Danny Rambo Sophomore Valor Christian 4x200 relay
Kyle Rex Junior Palmer Ridge Pole Vault
Bailey Rosenstrauch Junior Palmer Ridge 4x400 relay
Trenton Stringari Senior Canon City 110 hurdles, 300 hurdles
Jordan Swango Senior Palmer Ridge High Jump
Jacob Tellez Senior Palmer Ridge 4x800 relay
Ben Waters Junior Valor Christian 4x200 relay
Bubba Watkins Senior Valor Christian 4x200 relay

Class 3A

Athletes of the year: Miguel Molas, James Irwin; and Dominic Carrese, Fountain Valley
Coach of the year: Darwin Horan, Lutheran

First Team
Name Year School Event(s)
Sunday Abarca Sophomore Aspen 400 meters
Ben Butler Junior SkyView Academy 3200 meters
Dominic Carrese Senior Fountain Valley 800 meters, 1600 meters
Austin Chavez Sophomore Sterling High Jump
Josh Clausen Senior Lutheran 4x200 relay
Garrett Coalson Senior Eaton Discus
Bryce Coop Sophomore Manitou Springs 4x100 relay
Isaiah DeLaCerda Sophomore Alamosa 4x800 relay
Cooper Eggleston Junior Buena Vista 300 hurdles
Tyler Gard Junior Vanguard 4x400 relay
Kharon Hall Junior Lutheran Triple Jump, 4x200 relay
Matt Hanson Junior Lutheran 110 hurdles
Kent Harris Junior Lutheran 4x200 relay
Miles Hatton Junior Vanguard 4x400 relay
Parker Jones Junior Platte Valley Shot Put
Conner Kennedy Senior Bayfield Long Jump
Jared Keul Sophomore Manitou Springs 4x100 relay
Andrew Lee Senior Vanguard 4x400 relay
Tanner Martin Senior Alamosa 4x800 relay
Oscar Martinez Sophomore Alamosa 4x800 relay
Miguel Molas Senior James Irwin 100 meters, 200 meters
Malachi Peterson Senior Manitou Springs 4x100 relay
Josiah Simons Junior Vanguard 4x400 relay
Leland Spangler Senior Manitou Springs 4x100 relay
Jericho Ulibarri Senior Alamosa 4x800 relay
Chris Youngs Junior Lutheran 4x200 relay
Victor Zimmerman Sophomore Sterling Pole Vault

Class 2A

Athlete of the year: Paul Roberts, Lyons
Coach of the year: Mark Roberts, Lyons

First Team
Name Year School Event(s)
Evan Anderson Junior Resurrection Christian 4x100 relay
Tyler Boyd Senior Burlington Shot Put
John Broadhead Senior Telluride Long Jump
Cameron Cross Junior Lyons 4x800 relay
Cooper Daniels Junior Vail Christian Pole Vault
Matt Dillon Senior Lyons 4x800 relay
Shane Finegan Sophomore Wiggins 400 meters
Shane Gates Junior Cedaredge 300 hurdles, 4x200 relay
Jack Holling Junior Resurrection Christian 4x100 relay
Jorden Jole Senior Merino 800 meters
Bryce Klaseen Junior Cedaredge 4x200 relay, 4x400 relay
Brendon Klaseen Sophomore Cedaredge 4x400 relay
Ryan Latta Senior Cedaredge 4x400 relay
Ivan Mendoza Junior West Grand 110 hurdles
Chad Mikelson Sophomore Sedgwick County Triple Jump
Dakota Murrow Senior Resurrection Christian 4x100 relay
Garrett Quintana Junior John Mall Discus
Jacob Robb Senior Cedaredge 4x200 relay, 4x400 relay
Paul Roberts Junior Lyons 1600 meters, 3200 meters, 4x800 relay
Tullef Rudlong Senior Lyons 100 meters
Joel Such Junior Lyons 4x800 relay
Isaac Swoffer Sophomore Cedaredge 4x200 relay
Cooper Ward Junior Resurrection Christian 200 meters, 4x100 relay
Ty Zupanic Senior Rye High Jump

Class 1A

Athlete of the year: J.D. Chenoweth, Baca County
Coach of the year: Rick Hartley, Springfield

First Team
Name Year School Event(s)
Dallas Balderas Freshman Baca County 4x400 relay
Andy Borunda Junior Springfield Shot Put, Discus
Michael Braithwaite Senior Pikes Peak Christian 100 meters, 4x100 relay
J.D. Chenoweth Senior Baca County 110 hurdles, 300 hurdles, 4x400 relay, 4x800 relay
Micah Crane Freshman Baca County 4x400 relay, 4x800 relay
Matthew Crane Senior Baca County 4x400 relay, 4x800 relay
Morgan Crane Junior Baca County 4x800 relay
Luke Duggan Junior Pawnee 3200 meters
Ross Dunlap Senior Springfield High Jump
Erick Enriquez-Acosta Sophomore Idalia 800 meters
Troy Fritz Senior Sangre de Cristo Triple Jump
Rafe Hutches Junior Springfield 4x200 relay
Seeon Kim Senior Pikes Peak Christian 4x100 relay
Justin Krieger Senior Springfield 4x200 relay
Gabe Longworth Senior McClave 200 meters
Reid Palser Senior Otis Pole Vault
Caden Parker Sophomore Eads Long Jump
Justin Self Senior Springfield 4x200 relay
Christian Strozier Junior Pikes Peak Christian 4x100 relay
Mark Waters Senior Pikes Peak Christian 400 meters, 4x100 relay
Evan Waters Senior Springfield 4x200 relay
Zacc Winn Senior Prairie 1600 meters