Hartnett named new athletic director at Boulder

Ed Hartnett. (Jack Eberhard/JacksActionShots.com)

Ed Hartnett. (Jack Eberhard/JacksActionShots.com)

Eddie Hartnett, the district athletic director at Adams 12 Schools, and the incoming president of CHSAA's Board of Directors, has been named the new athletic director at Boulder High School.

The appointment is pending approval from the Boulder Valley board.

Hartnett has been the district athletic director at Adams 12 for the past six years. He has also been a member of CHSAA's Board of Directors since 2012.

Hartnett announced the move in an email to CHSAA staff and the Board.

"I have had the honor to work for many of Colorado’s the strongest teachers, coaches, band directors, and administrators within Adams 12 Five Star Schools," he wrote. "Many of you know that over the past 6 years I have faced many different challenges, both professional and personal."

He added that he missed being in a school building, where he was able to witness his "direct impact on the students."

"I realized that I, too, missed that, when my wife Shelley reminded me of when I was happiest as an AD/AP at the schools where I can make a difference," Hartnett wrote. "I was happiest when I spoke to kids on academics, family, sports, role modeling, sportsmanship, and progress — not to just adults. If you know me you realize that I live everyday as if it is my last."

"I am lucky to have been given a second chance, and a new perspective on life and my career," he continued. "I want to spend my last decade in education working with kids and adults in a school and making a difference."

Hartnett will become CHSAA's 60th Board president in June of this year.

His career started as an athletic director at Nederland, and he also held the same role at Northglenn. He was also a teacher and a coach at Broomfield, and also graduated from that school.

In addition to everything else, Harnett is also active in the Colorado Athletic Directors Association, and is on CHSAA's equity committee. He played a major role in developing the Association's transgender policy.