Basketball weather contingencies for games this week

The following weather contingencies concerning games to be played Feb. 25-28 has been emailed to member schools:

With the impending forecasts for winter storms throughout Colorado the remainder of this week, it is imperative that the schools participating in the state basketball tournaments be in contact with site directors for updated weather and playing information.

ADs: Please contact the site director and provide your after-hours contact information.

Please note that as of February 25 all tournaments are expected to run as scheduled. Should that change, the site director (or host AD in 4A and 5A) will make that decision based on the weather conditions in that area. The CHSAA Inclement Weather and Acts of God Policy (page 138 in the Handbook) will be followed. Boys and Girls are considered separate tournaments.

Should an event be postponed by weather, the expectation is that the games be made up on the next available day, which includes Sunday, March 1. The site director, in concert with the participating school ADs and the CHSAA office will make the final decisions.

Regardless of the weather this weekend, the state regional/Sweet 16/Great 8 tournaments are scheduled for March 6-7. The sites have been contracted and we do not have the ability to change these dates. As a result, this weekend’s games must be played on schedule if at all possible, or as close to on schedule as can be.

If districts are forced to postpone games, please notify CHSAA, all teams and game officials immediately.

Class 3A Please Note: Should a decision be made to postpone districts, the 3A seeding committee meeting scheduled for Sunday will have to be re-scheduled, so please notify the CHSAA Office immediately if a decision to postpone is imminent.

The following are good weather sites that may help: