State speech tournament final results

Cross-Examination Policy Debate
4th: Jessica Piper and Rowan Hussein (Fairview)
4th: Maya Hoffman and Eva Isakovic (Denver School of the Arts)
4th: Thomas Angus and Kyle Berlind (George Washington)
4th: Hugh Grier and Wesley Dencker (Kent Denver School)
3rd: Tessa Finley and Abigail Friesen-Johnson (Denver School of the Arts)
3rd: Fahim Choudhury and Rehan Choudhury (Kent Denver School)
2nd: Harry James and Chris Barry (Kent Denver)
1st: Dylan Salzman and Anna Martens (Denver East

International Extemporaneous Speaking
12th: Shelby Saltus (Lakewood)
11th: Ethan Snow (Arapahoe)
10th: Hank Sparks (Cheyenne Mountain)
9th: Corinne Moss (Air Academy)
8th: Amy Patterson (Woodland Park)
7th: Hunter Neary (Air Academy)
6th: Mina Mungekar (Smoky Hill)
5th: Tom Kourlis (Kent Denver School)
4th: Addie Glickstein (Denver East )
3rd: Vincent Wroble (Denver East)
2nd: Jack Glaser (George Washington)
1st: Gabe Slater (Denver East

National Extemporaneous Speaking
12th: Andrew Davis (Doherty)
11th: Molly Culhane (Denver East)
10th: Josh May (Palisade)
9th: Steven Maleuff (La Junta)
8th: Katrina San Nicoloas (Northridge)
7th: Emma Bakken (George Washington)
6th: Molly Nayler-Komyatte (Lakewood)
5th: Suzanna Steele (George Washington)
4th: Abbie Bardales (Heritage)
3rd: Margaret Schaack (George Washington)
2nd: Kayla Blessinger (Kent Denver School)
1st: Evan Segal (Denver East

Original Oratory:
12th: Jenny Robinson (George Washington (Live the Moment)
11th: Natasha Pivovar (Overland (Games as Rewards)
10th: Quinn Oberg (Highlands Ranch (Nihilism)
9th: Dedee Droege (Cherry Creek (Categories of People)
8th: Marizza Mitchell (Pueblo East (Gays are people, too)
7th: Jaclyn Drummond (St. Mary’s (Assumptions)
6th: Seth Thomas (Castleview (Forbidding Mourning)
5th: Charlie Schmidt (Denver East (Embrace our Limits)
4th: Meredith Maney (Littleton (Misguided Pursuit of Happiness)
3rd: Meg Stolberg (Kent Denver School (Numbers/Quantity)
2nd: Elizabeth Lindberg (Denver East (Reliance on Experts)
1st: Serene Singh (The Classical Academy (Sorry)

Interpretation of Humorous Literature
12th: Anna James (George Washington) (Matilda)
11th: Ving-Long Liu (The Classical Academy) (Rinse the Blood off my Toga)
10th: Rachel Cruz (Palisade) (Check, Please)
9th: Emily Stock (Cherry Creek) (Hyde and Shriek)
8th: Claire Cooper (Cherry Creek) (Eve and Adam)
7th: Tatianna Lowman (The Classical Academy) (Spy School)
6th: Samiha Matin (George Washington) (The 17th Annual Malcolm X ...)
5th: William Mueller (Denver East) (Mrs. Bob Cratchet’s Wild ...)
4th: Emma Heth (Denver East) (Current Economic Conditions)
3rd: Zoe Wright (Grand Junction) (Best American Women’s Comedy ...)
2nd: Charlie La Bonde (Cherry Creek) (The Curious Savage)
1st: Sarah Baker (Fruita Monument) (Drop Dead Georgeous)

Interpretation of Dramatic Literature
11th: Max Schwartz (George Washington) (Wonder)
10th: Sarah Bergman (George Washington) (Dear Zoe)
9th: Laurel Bloszies (Cherry Creek) (Her)
8th: Henry Jarvis (Denver School of the Arts) (The Unbroken)
7th: Savanna Smoker (Air Academy) (Bums)
6th: Anthon Adu (Overland) (Conversations with Myself)
5th: Davis Anderson (Cherry Creek) (F2M)
4th: Noah Naiman (Kent Denver School) (Hands of My Father)
3rd: Layla Shahmohammadi (Pueblo East) (Playing for Time)
2nd: Michael Jones (Denver East) (Through the Night)
1st: HelenA Sandavoldt (Denver East) (Spoonface Steinberg)

Interpretation of Poetry
12th: Marlee Snyder (Northridge) (For Eli, Birthday)
11th: Cameron Taylor (Pueblo East) (How to Watch Your Brother Die)
10th: Maliha Zavin (Smoky Hill) (Extenuating Circumstances)
9th: Funmilayo Olukemi (Overland) (Clenched Fists)
8th: Khrysha Tagum (Overland) (Asian Invasion)
7th: Sierra Smith (Denver East) (God is Gay)
6th: Morgynne Tora (Denver East) (Birmingham Sunday)
5th: Kyle Cordova (Pueblo Central) (To This Day)
4th: Henry Kelley (La Junta) (The Crickets have Arthritis)
3rd: Samuel Pierce III (Overland) (Find Yourself in a Poem)
2nd: Katie Winkelman (Rocky Mountain) (Girl Exploded, I am Woman)
1st: Tucker Schmidt (Kent Denver) (A Program on Education)

Duo Interpretation
12th: Betty Varland and Trenton Gunsolley (The Classical Academy) (Bridge to Terabithia)
11th: Dallas Hogue and Paul Yang (Denver East) (Pete)
10th: Hunter McClung and Ian Heister (Lewis-Palmer) (Countdown to Love)
9th: Makenzie Griess and Kevin Johnson (Union Colony Preparatory) (A New York Minute)
8th: Brendan Scheidt and Brandon Fisher (Greeley Central) (Tick, Tick, Tick, Boom)
7th: Shealy Salas and Deborah Foster (The Classical Academy) (King Chemo)
6th: Michael Serio and Kevin Dolven (Cherry Creek) (Young Frankenstein)
5th: Louis Cotto and Diondre McBride (Denver East) (Soul Men)
4th: Ellie Schwartz and Hannah Berman (Denver East) (The Unknown Part of the Ocean)
3rd: Dani Harton and Bradley Calahan (Rocky Mountain) (Beanie Bore and the Bamboozling ...)
2nd: Hannah Monsour and Victoria Clark (Kent Denver School) (Matilda)
1st: Danny Lovato and Bailey Walker (Kent Denver School) (Bullshot Crummond)

Public Forum Debate

  • Bryce Kuyper and Jessica Alvarado (Colorado Springs Christian School)
  • John Bosshard and David Andrews (Monarch)
  • Ciara Savageau and Jordan Gage (Northridge)
  • Nathan Livingston and Wyatt Hurt (Central of Grand Junction)
  • Jackson Bock and Austin McCleery (Denver East)
  • Nick Shepard and Connor Sendel (Cherry Creek)
  • Jacob Waters and Aidan Murray (George Washington)
  • Noah Lordi and Ben Lordi (Regis Jesuit)

4th: Annika Gustafson and Noah Fogelberg (Rocky Mountain)
4th: Jeremy Snyder and Ross Snyder (Denver East)
4th: Ben Lee and Sean Walker (Pueblo East)
4th: Jordan Spinelli and Annika Spetnagel (George Washington)
3rd: David Wollins and Mickey Conrad (George Washington)
3rd: Rohan Das and Riley Collins (Grandview)
2nd: Ryan Taylor and Nanu Ahluwalia (Cherry Creek)
1st: Morgan Perry and Kyla Koury (Pueblo West)

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

  • Anna Rose (Air Academy)
  • Rachele Gallagher (Grand Junction)
  • Ariel Sandberg (Cherry Creek)
  • Jordan Crawford (Cherry Creek)
  • Ben Welton (Columbine)
  • Zaria Noble (Kent Denver School)
  • Cheyenne Millard (Pomona)
  • Andrew Wixson (Valor Christian)

4th: Morgan Smith (Air Academy)
4th: Melody Blackis (Berthoud)
4th: Madison Harding (Cherry Creek)
4th: Gabe West (Grandview)
3rd: Maddie Barber (The Classical Academy)
3rd: David Lind (George Washington)
2nd: Sarah Papich (George Washington)
1st: Edward Bowden (Castleview)