CHSAA, and announce new all-state teams

The Colorado High School Activities Association, in partnership with and, will produce all-state teams for all sports, beginning with this past fall season.

Below is a memo which was sent out to all league presidents explaining the process:


January 28, 2014

TO: CHSAA League Presidents

FR: Ryan Casey, Director
CHSAA Web Services

RE: All-State Teams

Due to the overwhelming feedback from coaches and administrators around the state, we are partnering with and in an attempt to fill the void that now exists when it comes to all-state teams. Our hope is that, though late, we can start this year's all-state teams with this past fall season.

All-state teams for sports which finish their season at a classification-wide individual meet will have all-state teams selected based upon performance at those meets. Therefore, the information below pertains only to so-called team sports. In the fall, that is softball, boys soccer, football, volleyball and field hockey.

With the help of coaches and administrators across the state, we have determined criteria on which the selection of these teams will be based. This process starts with you, and your league members.

The all-state process will be as follows:

  • Nominations from leagues.
    • Leagues will nominate players for all-state consideration. In the future, our hope is that this is done concurrently with the existing all-league meeting.
    • Each league will be allowed to nominate X number of players, where X is the number of teams in the league.
    • These nominations do not need to be position specific. In other words, leagues can nominate multiple players from the same position.
    • Similarly, these nominations do not need to be school specific. So, leagues can nominate more than one player from the same school. However, each nomination counts towards the leagues total allotted nominations.
    • Leagues comprised of teams from more than one classification should simply make their selections, then input players' classification when prompted.
    • The deadline for fall nominations will be February 10, 2014.
  • Coaches voting.
    • All nominations will be entered into an easy-to-use database where each coach will be able to vote.
    • Each head coach will be permitted to vote one time.
    • Voting will then be tallied from February 12-19, 2014, and the teams will be announced on February 24, 2014.
  • Team formats.
    • We will only be releasing all-state teams by classification. There will be no overall, cross-classification team. The reason for this is because, typically, cross-classification teams tend to overwhelmingly be comprised of players from the largest classification(s).
    • Each sport has a set number of slots for the all-state teams. These numbers were arrived at after considering things like roster size, lineup size and rotation size (the number of players who see action during a typical game/match).
    • An athlete will make the all-state team if they are among the top X vote-getters, where X is equal to the number of slots on that all-state team. (See below for specific numbers.)
    • As a general rule, each slot on the team will be filled without regard to position. Therefore, for example, an all-state softball team may have seven shortstops. There is one exception to this rule:
      • In certain sports, there are specialized positions. When appropriate, those positions will have their own voting slot. An example of this is a goalkeeper in soccer.
    • We will release a first- and second-team only if the classification is comprised of more than 48 teams.
    • Specific number of slots. (These are per all-state team. For example, in softball, there are 15 slots. That means there will be 15 first-team selections, and 15 second-team selections in 5A.)
      • Softball: 15. (5A: 1st/2nd; 4A: 1st/2nd; 3A: 1st)
      • Field hockey: 12 + one goalie for 13 total. (1st)
      • Boys soccer: 14 + one GK for 15 total. (5A: 1st/2nd; 4A: 1st/2nd; 3A: 1st)
      • Volleyball: 9 + one libero for 10 total. (5A-1A: 1st/2nd)
      • Football:
        • 1A-5A: 17 + 8 offensive/defensive linemen + 1 K/P for 26 total. (5A: 1st/2nd; 4A-1A: 1st)
        • 8-man: 12 + six linemen for 18 total. (1st)
        • 6-man: 14 total. (1st)
    • These teams will be known as the “CHSAA All-State Teams” and will be the official all-state teams of the Association.
      • All-state athletes will  be given a certificate to print out, and will receive additional recognition on their MaxPreps player profile

Again, league participation in this process is very important, so we appreciate your help. Without it, kids from your league will be unable to make the all-state teams. Only players nominated by leagues will be considered for the all-state teams. (Independents are the lone exception to this rule, and will be handled on a case-by-case basis.)