Lakewood wins Katy Perry's Good Morning America 'Roar' contest

After weeks of waiting, Lakewood High School students found out today that they are the winners of a private Katy Perry concert which will be held Oct. 25 at the school.  Students gathered at 5:30 a.m. to participate in a live, interactive interview with Katy Perry herself.

Sponsored by Good Morning America, Perry encouraged schools from across the country to make their own videos to her new hit song, “Roar.”  Lakewood students created a one-shot, one-take video featuring all 2000 students in a lipdub which highlighted pure, genuine, positive energy and spirit showing that they are truly one united family.

Lakewood students are challenging all high schools in America, 39,000 of them, to each raise $1000 to send to charities of their choice, adding up to a potential $39 million.  Their message is that this generation has a lot to give and roar about.

To view the full announcement, see the following video link.