Other schools help restore Overland’s flooded baseball field

Valor Christian, Team Colorado, Cherokee Trail

On Sept. 12, floodwaters consumed Schenbeck Field located in Utah Park in Aurora and home of Overland High School baseball program.

The scene was grim. The scoreboard was completely engulfed in the 10-foot high water, as were the dugouts, batting cages, storage sheds and concession stand. Not a single part of the field was untouched.

When the water receded, it was clear to Overland’s head baseball coach, Michael Prichard, that he had another challenge to conquer. The force of the water had turned the benches in the dugouts upside down, displaced the bolted-down bleachers, engulfed the tractor used for field maintenance, washed rocks onto the playing field, flooded the concession stand, and drenched equipment and other team necessities.

The job would be daunting. Enter a new team of 60 baseball players, their coaches and parents from across the metropolitan Denver area. In consultation with coach Prichard, Allen Dyer (head coach of Cherokee Trail/Team Colorado) and Brian Bonn (Valor assistant coach) organized 50 individuals from their schools and organization, who worked alongside Overland baseball representatives on Sept. 21.

This group descended onto Schenbeck Field, with shovels, brooms, muscles and commitment to help a competitor in need. For three hours on a sunny Saturday, these volunteers worked diligently to bring the field back to life. On this day, they were all Trailblazers at heart.

Because of this team effort, Fall practices are possible, and in Spring, we’ll be able to welcome everyone to Overland’s field of dreams. Play ball!

(via @WeAreOverland on Twitter

(via @WeAreOverland on Twitter

(via @WeAreOverland on Twitter

(via @WeAreOverland on Twitter