Notebook: With recent wet weather, mosquito repellent recommended

With the recent wet weather, causing high levels of humidity, dampness and the reality of a growing mosquito population, the Colorado High School Activities Association’s Sport Medicine Advisory Committee is recommending the use of mosquito repellent as a deterrent to the West Nile Virus.

Football helmets: heat and cold acclimation

During the high heat, the CHSAA Sports Medicine Advisory Committee is recommending that football players remove their helmets during all breaks in the practice or game action to help keep body temperatures regulated.

In cold weather, it is recommended that players keep their helmets on to maintain a proper core temperature and help the headwear retain its proper fit and function.

Basketball rules changes: Uniforms/electronic devices

Among the NFHS Basketball Rules changes for 2013-14 are two that may impact planning for the upcoming season.

A rule change approved by the committee for the 2013-14 season will permit a single, visible manufacturer’s logo/trademark/reference on the team jersey, not to exceed 2¼ square inches with no dimension more than 2¼ inches.

The manufacturer’s logo may be located no more than 5 inches below the shoulder seam on the front of the jersey, or 2 inches from the neckline on the back of the jersey, or in either side insert. This change will bring basketball in agreement with other NFHS sports rules and allow the use of a single manufacturer’s logo on the jersey of the playing uniform.

Another rule change approved the use of electronic devices during the game in certain instances. Rule 1-19 now will allow a coach to take advantage of electronic devices for use in coaching and gathering statistics. Teams, however, cannot use electronic equipment for voice communication