List of anticipated classification and league changes from schools for 2014-16 cycle

The 2012-14 two-year cycle is rapidly nearing its end. That means it is time for the Classification and League Organizing Committee to shine.

That committee will next meet on Nov. 12 give final approval to and to hammer out details on leagues and classifications, but schools have been submitting their anticipated changes for the 2014-16 cycle to the CHSAA office this fall. A full list is below, and it's important to note that these are only anticipated changes. Nothing is final, as these changes need to be approved by leagues and by CLOC.

Of note:

  • Monarch's numbers looking like the football team will move from 4A to 5A.
  • Likewise, Silver Creek looking like it'll go from 3A to 4A in football.
  • Highlands Ranch football anticipating a move from 5A to 4A.
  • Valor Christian is seeking a move from an independent to the Centennial League.
  • Mullen anticipates staying in 5A football. (It has 3A numbers.) It will also seek to join Jeffco, from the Centennial.
  • Broomfield expects to move from 4A to 5A in all sports except football.
  • Palisade is seeking a move from 3A to 4A football.
  • Skyline from 3A to 4A football.
  • Fort Collins from 5A to 4A football.
  • Canon City from 4A to 3A football.
  • Moffat County from 3A to 2A football.
  • Limon's numbers have the program considering a drop to 8-man from 1A.
  • South Park from 8-man to 6-man football.
  • Standley Lake from 5A to 4A (football is already 4A).
  • The Classical Academy from 3A to 4A (cross country is already 4A).
  • Aurora Central and Palmer and requesting playdowns from 5A to 4A football.
  • More football playdowns: Air Academy (4A to 3A), Niwot (4A to 3A), Battle Mountain (3A to 2A), Center (1A to 8-man), Miami-Yoder (8-man to 6-man).
  • South Baca (a co-op of Campo, Pritchett and Vilas) is planning on dropping its 6-man football team next cycle.

The complete, and official, list is below. Note: not all schools have responded.

School Est. 2013 enrollment Anticipated changes Class change (overall) Class change (FB) League changes Playdowns Play up (FB)
Abraham Lincoln 1605 Numbers fluctuating greatly 5A EMAC league for football. DPL all other. possibly football
Adams City Playdown in football Football (4A)
Air Academy 1406 We believe we will lose numbers vs. gains at this time 4A to 4A  
Antonito Football change based on numbers 8-man to 6-man
Aurora Central 2200 Play down for football only Football (4A)
Battle Mountain 780    
Belleview Christian 65 May be droping football for the next two years    
Broomfield 1450 Leaving Northern League and joining Front Range  4A to 5A Mountain to Northern
Bruce Randolph 424 Frontier League
Burlington 225 League change Union Pacific to Lower Platte
Byers   Move from 1A to 8-man 1A to 8-man  
Canon City 1041 Football classification change/league change 4A to 3A South Central to Colorado Springs Metro
Cedaredge 236 Drop down in all athletics except football 3A to 2A
Center 180 Stay at 11-man football   Southern Peaks to Mountain football Football
Cheyenne Wells Football change based on numbers 8-man to 6-man
CIVA Charter 185 Play down to 1A Volleyball (1A), Basketball (1A)
Clear Creek 230 Moving down to 2A 3A to 2A
Coronado 1500 4A to 5A CSML 4A to CSML 5A
Dayspring Christian 105 Depending on 1A/2A numbers 2A to 2A
Del Norte 135 Considering playing down 1A to 8-man Football?
Denver East 2560 5A EMAC League in football. DPL all other.
Denver North 852 Numbers fluctuating greatly 3A 3A football. DPL all other. Possibly football
Denver South 1399 4A 4A football. DPL all other.
Denver West 500 Numbers fluctuating with change in school design 2A 2A football. DPL all other.
Dolores Huerta Prep 274 1A football Tri-peaks, girls basketball to 2A Santa Fe 2A 2A Tri-Peaks/3A Tri-Peaks Girls Basketball (2A), Football (2A)
Elbert 65 No longer play up in football, plan to 6-man 1A to 6-man Black Forest to Southwest (football only)
Ellicott 225 Move from 3A to 2A 3A to 2A Tri-Peaks League to Black Forest
Fort Collins 1557 Moving to 4A football 5A to 4A Front Range to Northern
Fort Lupton 605 3A to 4A 2A
Fountain Valley 238 League change 3A to 2A Tri-Peaks to Black Forest
George Washington 1443 4A 4A football. DPL all other. Possibly football
Grand Valley 288 2A to 1A
Greeley Central 1450 4A to 5A Northern to Front Range or create new league
Greeley West 1550 Apply for boys soccer to play in 4A northern league for 2014-16 Boys Soccer (4A)
Heritage Christian Academy 72 Officially classified as 1A in all sports; participating in 1A post-season, while remaining a member of the 2A Mile High League    
Highland 240 Currently 2A playing in 3A Patriot League Patriot to Mile High  
Highlands Ranch Football change based on numbers 5A to 4A
Holy Family 620 All sports but football 3A to 4A Metro to Tri-valley, Northern, Colorado 7
Jefferson Football change based on numbers 1A to 2A
La Veta Football change based on numbers 8-man to 6-man
Las Animas 115 Football go to 8-man 1A to 8-man
Liberty Common 250 Classification change to 3A 2A to 3A
Limon 135 Dropping from 1A to 8-man football 1A to 8-man
Littleton 1390 Compete in 4A and leave Continential 5A to 4A Continental League to Jeffco
Lutheran 330 Increased enrollment 2A to 3A Stay 3A in football  
Lyons 224 Patriot to Mile High
McClave 92 Move from 1A to 2A. Move out of football conference from Santa Fe to Arkansas Valley 1A to 2A
Miami-Yoder 80 8-man to 6-man 8-man to 6-man
Moffat County 515 Football change 3A to 2A 3A to 2A
Monarch Football change based on numbers 4A to 5A
Montbello 1975 to be co-op known as Warriors 4A to 5A 5A EMAC League football. DPL all other.
Montezuma-Cortez 650 Southwestern to Intermountain Boys soccer (3A), football (2A)
Mullen 735 Join Jeffco Centennial to Jeffco 3A to 5A
Niwot 1305 Play-down in football to 3A Football (3A)
Northridge Football change based on numbers 3A to 4A
Palisade 1070 Possible football classification and league change 3A 3A Western Slope to 4A Southwestern
Palmer 2015 Play down in football Southern to Colorado Springs Football (4A)
Platte Canyon 300 On the bubble for football
Roaring Fork ? Move back to 2A football Football (2A)
Rock Canyon 1965 Pioneer to Douglas County
Salida 299 Continue to play 1A football  
Shining Mountain Waldorf 80 Depending on the 1A/2A cutoff, we may move into 2A 1A to 2A   Volleyball, basketball, track - 1A
Silver Creek 1120 Football change based on numbers 3A to 4A
Skyline 1350 Move to 4A football 3A to 4A
South Baca Dropping football team 6-man to no team
South Park 104 6-man football/JV soccer 8-man Central to 6-man Southwest Football (6-man)
Standley Lake 1380 Changing to 4A 5A to 4A
Swallows Charter Academy 150 Acceptance into a league from Independent Independent to Santa Fe, West Central
The Classical Academy 630 From 3A to 4A, except cross country 3A to 4A Tri-Peaks to CS Metro 4A
The Vanguard School 260 Moving from 2A to 3A and changing leagues 2A to 3A Black Forest to Tri-Peaks
Thomas Jefferson 1060 Numbers fluctuating greatly 3A or 4A
Vail Christian 117 Moving from 2A from 1A 1A to 2A
Valor Christian 850 League change Independent to Centennial
Walsh Football change based on numbers 8-man to 6-man