Flooding won't affect postseason qualification for softball, volleyball or boys soccer

Teams unable to reschedule games postponed due to the recent flooding will not be penalized when it comes to postseason seeding.

Volleyball, softball and boys soccer all use MaxPreps' ranking system in determining qualifiers for playoffs and state tournaments. The ranking systems are derived from a formula, and the inability to reschedule games will not affect the rankings.

"The MaxPreps rankings system doesn't arbitrarily award points for simply playing and winning or losing an additional game," said Gerry Valerio, MaxPreps' State Association Manager for Colorado. "The system takes the total body of work for each team to determine the rankings, regardless of the number of games played.  So, for those volleyball, softball and soccer teams who aren't able to reschedule all their games, their rankings won't be negatively impacted by it."

Similarly, football's Wild Card points formula is adjusting for any cancelled games.

However, athletes must attend regional qualifiers for any sport which has them -- such as tennis, cross country or gymnastics -- in order to qualify for their respective state championships.