Board statement on RPI percentages for postseason qualification

The CHSAA Board of Directors released the following the statement with regard to the RPI percentages to be used in determining postseason qualification:

In August 2015, this group adopted a policy of using an RPI formula in determining postseason qualification in order to create consistency throughout the state. The RPI formula adopted is (¼ × WP) + (½ × OWP) + (¼ × OOWP).

The Board's intent with that directive was to keep methods used in postseason qualification as consistent as possible across all sports.

When the soccer committee opted to make a change to the percentages used in the RPI formula for the upcoming fall season, there was not enough data nor rationale to justify making the change. The ensuing confusion from the membership has caused the Board to invoke bylaw 810.6:

The Board of Directors shall meet at the call of the President. It shall have the authority to make decisions necessary to insure the smooth functioning of the Association and the interscholastic program. Its authority does not include the legislative power delegated to the Legislative Council, except that by a two-thirds vote of those members voting it may alter a ruling of the Legislative Council in order to resolve conflicting legislation or to correct unanticipated problems created by Legislative Council action.

Because there is not two years of data available to support a change in the formula, and due to the ensuing confusion within the membership that would result, changing this formula violated the original intent of our policy. As a result, we have overturned the committee's decision to change their RPI formula, and are keeping it where originally set.

At the end of this two-year cycle, the Board will research the data and determine how best to move forward with a consistent postseason qualification approach. As a result, until two years' worth of data can be examined, no changes to the RPI percentages shall be made by any sports committees.

This policy excepts football, due to the issues its limited number of games caused last season. Baseball will be entering the second year of a two-year cycle of using different percentages, and will be allowed to keep its current formula.

Eddie Hartnett
President, CHSAA Board of Directors

The statement is also available in PDF form: