Notice of position opening for an assistant commissioner


  • Assistant Commissioner, Colorado High School Activities Association

Position Summary

  • To play an integral part in the promotion and management of the activities programs in Colorado's member high schools as assigned by the Commissioner.
  • To provide educational experiences through participation in activities which will contribute to the development of better citizens.

Major duties & responsibilities

  • Tournament/Conference planning and management.
  • This position will be assigned several of the sports/activities that the association sanctions.
  • Development and interpretation of student eligibility standards.
  • Represent the Association to superintendents, principals, athletic/activity directors, coaches, media and the public in promoting the values of interscholastic athletics and activities (speech, music and student council).
  • Liaison to officials'/judges' organizations.
  • Work closely with sport/activity committees, Board of Directors and Legislative Council in refining current activities and developing new activities aimed at increasing student participation.
  • Play an integral role in an ongoing gender and race equity program.
  • Coordinate and oversee the corporate partnerships the CHSAA has and will develop with businesses.


  • B.A., B.S. Degree; MA Preferred
  • Administrative certificate preferred, not necessary
  • School administration experience preferred
  • Background in interscholastic athletics and activities in one or all of the following capacities: participant, coach/director, official, administrator
  • Strong writing and verbal skills with a broad range of technical capabilities
  • Varied talents which complement abilities of other staff members


  • 12-month contract
  • Salary range: Commensurate with qualifications


  • Public Employees Retirement Association; Medical, Dental and Vision Plans; Sick Leave; 24 days annual vacation; life insurance survivor benefit.

How to apply

  • (No application form) Forward a letter of application, a current vita, a list of three to five references (no letters, but include title, address and phone numbers). Include starting and current salary of present position.

Submit by email

Donna Coonts:


  • Opening announced: February 28, 2017
  • Deadline for receipt of applications: April 1, 2017
  • Conclude initial screening of applicants: April 15, 2017
  • Conclude initial interview of applicants: April 27, 2017
  • Conclude final interviews of applicants: May 5, 2017
  • Announce selection of Assistant Commissioner: May 10, 2017
  • Begin position: July 1, 2017

Job Description

Summary of Position

The person in this position is responsible for: assisting the Commissioner in directing and implementing all athletic and activity programs assigned by the Board of Directors and Legislative Council, interpreting and clarifying the Constitution and Bylaws of the association to patrons and member schools, assisting in the development and improvements of by law proposals, corresponding with and answering member school questions concerning student eligibility. In addition, the person in the position is responsible to oversee designated sports and activities, planning and promoting state tournaments events, acting as liaison to designated sports officials and activity judges, work closely with sports and activities committees to improve current sports and activities.

Scope and Impact of Job

  • Dollar Responsibilities: To successfully budget playoff and activities events to avoid major losses in the annual budget.
  • Supervisory Responsibilities (direct and/or indirect): Will be in charge of the Administrative Assistant Staff and will delegate volunteer and paid help at events and tournaments.
  • Other: None

Required Knowledge and Experience

  • Related Work Experience: Must have 5 Years of educationally based athletic experience or school administration experience. 
  • Formal education or equivalent: Bachelor of Arts: Education Degree or Bachelor of Arts: Sports Management Degree required.  Masters in Administration preferred
  • Skills: Must possess a strong interest in athletics and activities. Must be able to comprehend athletic playoff formats and brackets. Must be familiar with the CHSAA Constitution and Bylaws, must be skillful in event planning and event management, must be skilled in conflict management, Must possess strong verbal and written communication skills. Must possess strong organizational skills.  Must be self-motivated. Must possess the ability to work as a team player. Must be able to multitask and possess impeccable time management skills. Must be able to work in fast-paced conditions.  Must be PC confident, must be familiar with Microsoft Office.
  • Other: Will work some weekends and nights. Will require some travel, must be able to work in all different weather climates and conditions.

Primary Responsibilities

General Assistant Commissioner Duties

  • Shall assist in the development and interpretation of student eligibility standards.
  • Shall correspond and assist superintendents, principals, and athletic/activity directors with questions and concerns.
  • Shall represent the Association to superintendents, principals, athletic/activity directors, coaches, media and the public in promoting the values of interscholastic athletics and activities.
  • Shall play an integral role in the association’s positive leadership activities.
  • Shall play an integral role in the Association’s gender and race equity program.
  • Shall serve as a liaison to officials’/judges organizations.
  • Shall work closely and help guide sport/activity committees when making decisions regarding the sport/activity.
  • Shall work closely with the Board of Directors and Legislative Council in refining current activities and developing new activities aimed at increasing student participation.
  • Shall prepare assigned Sport/Activity bulletins.
  • Responsible for initiating the payment for officials and recording assignments.
  • Responsible for assigning officials for tournaments on the state level.
  • Responsible for the disbursement of various funds to school districts per the established criteria of the Legislative Council.
  • Responsible for other related duties and responsibilities as may be deemed necessary by the Commissioner.

State Tournament and Event Planning

  • Is responsible for all playoff formats, state tournament series logistics, and implementation of any sport or activity assigned.
  • Responsible for securing venues and sites for playoff and championship games.
  • Responsible for finding and selecting volunteer event workers
  • Assists in the selection and assignment of officials/judges for playoff and state contests, tournaments and speech competitions.
  • Responsible for securing various types of facilities, programs, speakers, staff materials, equipment, etc. for events

Decision Making Responsibilities for This Position

Will make and assists in making all decisions concerning assigned sports and activities. Will be responsible for all assigned sports and activities events.