Fuel up with smoothies

Whether you enjoy your smoothie in a glass with a straw or in a bowl with a spoon, blend the right nutrient-rich foods together and you have a healthy meal or snack.

Smoothies have endless possibilities depending on your taste preferences. And the truth is, every smoothie is a product of the healthy ingredients you put in it. All you’ll need is a blender and your ingredients of choice.

Try these Smoothie Quick Tips and create your own in minutes:

  • Choose low-fat or fat-free yogurt or try kefir, a drinkable yogurt with healthy bacteria (probiotics). Either choice will add a nice smoothness to your finished product. The key is to look for yogurt or kefir with as little added sugar as possible.
  • Experiment with Greek yogurt for a thicker smoothie with extra protein.
  • Many smoothie recipes recommend adding honey or other sweeteners. Instead, opt for a sweeter fruit such as bananas or pears, which blend well and add sweetness without added sugar. Keep in mind that the riper the banana, the sweeter your smoothie will be.
  • Make sure you add either frozen fruit or ice cubes to every smoothie to optimize the frozen texture. Try frozen mixed berries, mangos, peaches, cherries or another frozen fruit favorite.
  • To boost the nutritional value of your finished product, consider adding fresh greens (such as kale or baby spinach), roasted beets, a sprinkle of chia seeds or ground flaxseed, some oats, a spoonful of nut butter or a scoop of whey protein powder.
  • Smoothie too thick? Add milk to make it easier to drink through a straw.
  • The thicker the smoothie, the easier it is to eat with a spoon (join the trend and try a “smoothie bowl”)! Top your bowl with fresh or dried fruit, a sprinkle of granola, nuts, chia seeds, shredded coconut or crushed graham crackers.

Download our handy smoothie-making guide and create the perfect smoothie with the ingredients you love. Or try one of our favorite smoothie recipes here.

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