Softball committee recommends no change to its postseason

4A state softball Valor Christian Thomas Jefferson

(Ryan Casey/

AURORA — Softball is looking to keep its postseason structure the same. At least for the 2017 season.

The sport's committee met on Thursday, and opted to neither change the percentages used in the RPI formula (which helps determine postseason fields), nor the seeding criteria that was put in place prior to the 2016.

"The committee wanted the opportunity to have one more year of data to study before making any changes," said Bud Ozzello, the CHSAA assistant commissioner in charge of softball.

The 2017 softball season will be the final year of the 2016-18 two-year cycle.

Their recommendation means softball's RPI formula will likely stay at 25 percent for a team's winning percentage, 50 percent for their opponents' winning percentage, and the final 25 percent for the winning percentage of their opponents' opponents.

The committee also kept the number of automatic qualifiers from each league the same.

"They thought that was important to ensure representation," Ozzello said.

The softball committee report will need to be approved by the Legislative Council at its January meeting.