CHSAA statement on 4A football discrepancy

A discrepancy in the 4A football RPI standings changed the final qualifier for the 4A football playoff field. As a result, Vista Ridge has made the field, and Loveland has not.

Here's what happened:

  • Loveland played Mountain View in Week 5. Mountain View finished 5-5, with a win over a 3A team.
  • Mountain View, a 4A team, played three 3A teams this season. Only the first game against a team from a lower classification is exempted from point modification.
  • Mountain View lost to Holy Family in the first game (exempted), then beat Thompson Valley in the second game (not exempted). This was reflected correctly in Mountain View's final adjusted winning percentage of 0.487.
  • Loveland was incorrectly getting credit for Mountain View having an exempted win over Thompson Valley. This resulted in Loveland's OWP being calculated as .322222222. The correct figure is .320772947.
  • As a result, Loveland's correct RPI is 0.524075.
  • Vista Ridge's RPI is 0.524495.
  • This also slightly adjusted final RPI numbers for Loveland's opponents, though it did not affect their standings in the RPI.

The responsibility of the CHSAA office is to ensure that the playoff system approved by sport committees and the Legislative Council is applied and adhered to. This change in qualifiers ensures that this happened.

We apologize for the mistake, and to the affected communities.