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April Legislative Council meeting agenda, proposals and information

On April 17, the Legislative Council will meet in Aurora. Below is information about the meeting, including links to the agenda and proposals that will be considered.

Where: Red Lion Denver Southeast (I-225 & Parker Road, Aurora)


Meeting info


Thursday, April 17

  • 7:45-8:30 a.m. - Continental Breakfast
  • 8:30 a.m. - Meeting Convenes (Douglas/Jefferson)
  • 10 a.m. - Coffee/Tea/Soft Drink Break
  • 11:45 a.m. - Lunch (Colorado Room)
  • 1 p.m. - Meeting Reconvenes

Action Items

Note: Constitutional Proposals require 2/3 vote for approval; Administrative and Sport Proposals requires majority vote for approval, unless otherwise noted.

ADM-1 Ice Hockey two classes (requires 60%) (Western Slope)
ADM-2 Transfer rule (Board of Directors)
ADM-3 Appeals Procedure (Board of Directors)
S-1 Field Hockey (Metro and Frontier)
S-2 Lacrosse (Metro and Frontier)
S-3 Soccer (Metro and Frontier)
ACT-1 Speech Awards (Metro and Frontier)

Action items — Committee reports

Note: Require majority vote for approval, unless
otherwise noted. Some committee will report at the April meeting. Those are noted.

Committee Reports
ADM-1 Budget Report (Jeff Durbin)
ADM-2 CLOC (January)
ADM-2a Wresting four classification numbers (requires 2/3 vote) (Intermountain, Northern, Colorado Springs metro 4A and 5A)
ADM-2b Montezuma-Cortez girls basketball playdown (Southwestern)
ADM-2c Pueblo Centennial girls basketball playdown (South Central)
ADM-2d Coronado ice hockey playdown (Colorado Springs Metro)
ADM-2e Rampart ice hockey playdown (Colorado Springs Metro)
ADM-3 Coaching Education Registration Advisory (CERAC) (January)
ADM-4 Equity (Ed Hartnett)
ADM-5 Officials' fees (Janury)
ADM-6 Sportsmanship (Carl Lindauer)
ADM-7 Tournament and Playoff Finance (Karen Higel)
ACT-1 Music (Rick Shaw)
ACT-2 Speech (Christine Jones)
ACT-3 Student Leadership (January)
S-1 Baseball (January)
S-2 Basketball (Paul Cain)
S-2a 4A basketball teams that qualify to state (Jeffco)
  S-2b 2A basketball (Lower Platte)
S-3 Cross Country (January)
S-4 Field Hockey (January)
S-5 Football (January)
S-5a 5A Football qualifying format (CS Metro, Continental, Jeffco)
S-6 Golf (January)
S-7 Gymnastics (January)
S-8 Ice Hockey (Chad Broer)
S-9 Lacrosse (Boys: Brian Perry; Girls: Carol Degenhart)
S-10 Skiing (Amy Raymond)
S-11 Soccer (January)
S-12 Softball (January)
S-13 Spirit (Diane Shuck)
S-14 Swimming (Dave Malmquist)
S-15 Tennis (January)
S-16 Track and Field Updated April 10 (Nick DeSimone)
S-16a Qualifying meets Updated April 11 (Frontier)
S-17 Volleyball (January
S-18 Wrestling (Ernie Derrera)


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